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SLO's Best
Grilled Cheese
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Red Scooter Deli

most ooey
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Best twisted
Grilled Cheese
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Humdinger Brewing

Thank you for joining us for the 
2022 SLO grilled Cheese Festival!

The 2022 SLO Grilled Cheese Festival is a month-long county-wide event in support of local restaurants, building community, and spreading the word about local nonprofit Restorative Partners.

All proceeds from sales stay with the participating restaurant.

Grab your friends and family throughout the month of May, head out to as many participating restaurants as you can to indulge in their delicious grilled cheese creations. Head back here to vote for who you think deserves to be crowned SLO's Best Grilled Cheese!


To support Restorative Partners and help us reach our fundraising need of $90,000, go to "Support RP" or purchase SLO Grilled Cheese Festival Merch. 

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