On May 30th, we held our Grilled Cheese Festival, virtually!  We had a blast and our competitors did an unbelievable job. 

Thank you to everyone that contributed. (Winners and Videos at bottom of page)

Thank you to our Sponsors for stepping up when we need it most. 

We have less than $16,000 to get to our $125,000 goal.

With restorative justice services needed even more than ever, we are asking for your support.

Can you please donate to help us keep these life changing programs and services operating?


We have three ways to give:

1) Impact Experience: Scroll through last years photos of Restorative Partners and "choose" a dollar amount you want to donate.

We have options from $1-500. When all of the impacts are chosen and donated, we will have raised over $125,000!  

Click to see impact experience

2) If you don't see a dollar impact amount that fits your budget, or is higher than $500,

then feel free to Donate directly on the Restorative Partners website. 

3) If check is more your style, please feel free to drop donation to:

Restorative Partners, 3220 S.Higuera St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(All donations will be posted back to the impact experience.)

 Our annual giving campaign ends June 30th. Together, we can change the world!

We want to say a special thank you to this year's sponsors. Their true dedication to our mission shines bright and we would love for you to support them with your patronage and gratitude.

Restorative Partners provides services and programs for those in-custody and for those released from the San Luis County Juvenile Hall, Jail, Honor Farm and State Prisons. Our restorative justice approach focuses on mind, body and spiritual transformation, incorporates trauma informed care, addresses responsibility and accountability, and offers accompaniment through reentry mentorship.


We also provide clean and sober living homes for men and for women as well as own and operate a home for women who are ready to reunite with their chldren and move forward with their lives. The goal in all of our transformative work is to reduce violence and lower recidivism by providing a continuum of care from incarceration through reincorporation to our community.

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