Past Festivals


In 2021 we went county-wide, providing a safe platform for people from all over to support local restaurants. From May 1st to June 31st 40 restaurants around San Luis Obispo County competed for the title of Best SLO Grilled Cheese.

Best SLO
Grilled Cheese
Humdinger Brewing - Best SLO Grilled Cheese.PNG

Humdinger Brewing

most ooey
gooey cheesy
Farmhouse Corner Market - Most Ooey Gooey Cheesy.PNG

Corner Market

Best twisted
Grilled Cheese
Park 1039 - Best Twisted Grilled Cheese_edited.jpg

Park 1039


2020 brought a challenge to the SLO Grilled Cheese Festival and pushed it into a virtual format. Teams and individuals submitted videos to compete for SLO's Best Grilled Cheese. Check out contestants of 2020's virtual event below.

2020 Winners:

2020 Best of - "We're in it Together" 

Most Spirited - "The Grilled Cheese Zone"

Big Chedda' - "My Dad's Grilled Cheese"